The Hunter’s Premier Live Streaming company

82% of Australians spend an average of 23.3 hours online each week…

BLIVE is an innovative company designed to capture that momentum for your organisation through connecting your events live to a Global audience.

We will stream your event, conference or other – direct to your Website and any number of mobile devices and Smartphones. Your event can be public, restricted to just certain individuals, or even placed behind a Paywall.

With multiple cameras, wireless audio, live interviews, Sponsor graphic and advertising support, your event will be a professionally packaged broadcast.

Being 100% mobile we can set up and broadcast from anywhere – often in under an hour. The second your broadcast is complete it is available to your viewers again as a high quality Video.

What We Do


 Ph: 0431 402 735

Winner of the 2013 NEWi Award – ‘BEST TOURISM SOLUTION’ for SURFEST broadcast