The Hunter’s Premier Live Streaming company

82% of Australians spend an average of 23.3 hours online each week…

BLIVE is an innovative company designed to capture that momentum for your business or organisation through taking your events LIVE to your audience, anywhere around the World.

We will LIVE stream your sporting event, corporate conference, or anything else you have in mind direct to your Website and any number of mobile devices and Smartphones. The best part about it is that YOU choose the audience. We can deliver your event to the public at large, or restrict it to just certain individuals.

We access the latest technology to ensure nothing about your event is sub-standard. With multiple cameras we create a ‘Live TV’ experience including interviews, sponsor input, and any pre-recorded media you need broadcast.

We operate with wireless technology meaning you could (and we have) Live broadcast from the back of a car, a beach, a shopping centre – wherever. When the broadcast is complete, you get instant access to the footage that needs no post-event editing for upload direct to Youtube, Vimeo and the like.

What We Do


 Ph: 0431 402 735

Winner of the 2013 NEWi Award – ‘BEST TOURISM SOLUTION’ for SURFEST broadcast